German Reno Performs Minor Electrical Work To Save You Time & Money

When you’re getting your bathroom or kitchen renovated, it can be an inconvenience to hire a separate contractor to take care of small electrical work like relocating power switches or installing upgraded lighting fixtures. Our contractors are able to take care of minor jobs to ease the renovation process.

Improve The Look & Feel Of Your Home With Upgraded Lighting Fixtures

Lighting plays a huge role in the overall atmosphere of a space, having the power to make a room feel relaxing and cozy or bright and lively or maybe a little too much like an insane asylum. Older light fixtures tend to create a gloomy ambiance, with their muted tones and retro styles casting a shadow over the entire place. Fluorescent lights tend to create an institutional atmosphere. By replacing outdated lighting fixtures with contemporary ones, your home will instantly feel brighter and more welcoming, while the fixtures add a modern touch.

Brighten Your Basement & Create The Illusion Of A Bigger Space With Expertly Placed Pot Lights

Pot lights are becoming more and more popular as the desire for a bright, lively environment is increased. Gone are the days when a dark and dingy home was acceptable – if you want your home to compete on the market, it must have phenomenal lighting features. This includes dimming switches and appropriately placed pot lights to allow for the best use of the light. If you need a hand determining where your pot lights are going, give us a call!

We Can Move That Awkwardly Placed Light Switch So It’s Within Reach

Does your home have that one light switch that you’re constantly stretching to reach or pretending doesn’t exist because of its’ awkward position? Let German Reno help. Not only can we help you determine the best possible location for the switch, we can also seamlessly repair the drywall and repaint when we’re done. Now that’s something your average electrician won’t take care of!


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