High Quality Bathroom Renovations For Lush Comfort & Practicality - Calgary & Area

Is it time to repair water damage or finally get the bathroom you have always dreamed of?

The average person spends around 1 hour and 45 minutes in the bathroom every day. Why not spend that time in comfort? Many bathrooms are designed without any sense of practicality, making it take longer to complete the basic hygiene tasks that we perform on a daily basis. And many bathrooms are designed without any design at all, creating an awkward, cramped or uncomfortable ambiance. By adding modern touches and upgrading your shower/bathtub, you will find yourself able to enjoy that time spent in the bathroom every day. You may not even want to leave when we’re done!

Add Comfort & Value To Your Home With Custom Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations are excellent investments - into your home and your life. While you are adding that much appreciated comfort, you are also adding resale value that your future self will thank you for. Even small, inexpensive projects like adding a trendy backsplash or replacing outdated faucets can add a completely different feel to your bathroom.

We Incorporate Your Vision With Our Industry Knowledge To Create A Space That Is Personalized To You

After carefully listening to your ideas, we create a design that accommodates your plans while meeting the highest standards of bathroom renovations Calgary has. This allows your dreams to come to life, without the worry about improper workmanship or unrealistic/impractical design ideas causing problems down the road.

Our Expert Contractors Complete Your Bathroom Up To Calgary Codes, With No Chance Of Water Leaks

When you are renovating one of the largest investments of your life, you need to know you are in honest and capable hands. Proper installation is ensured because of careful attention to detail and diligence throughout the whole process. Bathroom renovations require absolute waterproofed installation, as even a drop of moisture can majorly damage the walls very quickly. Hiring a Calgary contractor who understands construction and cares about his craft will assure you that you will avoid any nasty occurrences of water damage. German Reno will make sure that your bathroom receives the care and attention it needs, from the studs to the last coat of paint.

We Only Use Quality Materials That Hold Up To Our High Standards

Your bathroom is not the place to cheap out! When we quote for materials, we don’t just make money off cheap products. We make sure that only the best quality materials are used in the completion of your Calgary bathroom renovation. This allows us to ensure that your bathroom is impermeable, meaning it will last for years and years to come.

Save Time From Hiring Specialized Contractors By Hiring One Who Expertly Does It All

Home renovations can be stressful if you have to individually hire each trade to complete your bathroom. Not only does this take huge amounts of time, it will also quickly burn a hole in your wallet. By hiring German Reno, you save yourself time, money & stress while taking comfort knowing that all work is being completed up to code by contractors who care about your home and are passionate about their work. From relocating or redoing plumbing & electrical to the last coat of paint, we have your entire bathroom renovation covered.

We Offer Professional Advice So You Can Make Educated Decisions About Materials, Designs, Color Schemes & More

When you hire German Reno, you get the added benefit of expert advice regarding all aspects of your home improvement project. With all the options for materials, it can be overwhelming trying to select just one. After all, you don’t want to have to re-do your project simply because you don’t like the way the tiles match the cabinets. Our helpful design advice will ensure that you select the colors, textures and materials that best suit your style and taste, while staying in line with interior design standards.

The eye is drawn to several features in a bathroom, including:

  • Flooring
  • Countertops
  • Cabinets
  • Bath Fixtures
  • Backsplashes
  • Waterproofing
  • Lighting
  • Specialty Features

Each of these fixtures come in a huge range of styles, colors and textures, meaning you literally have an endless combination. That’s why German Reno is here – to narrow your options down to those which suit your styles and tastes, making your decision a little less overwhelming.

We can also help you select upgrades that are low in cost, but high in value, such as:

  • Laminate flooring vs. hardwood flooring
  • Porcelain/ceramic tiles vs. linoleum/vinyl
  • Particle board cupboards vs. real wood cupboards
  • Stone countertops vs. MDF/laminate
  • Game/recreation room vs. income suite

Bathroom Upgrades That Accommodate Physically Limited Folks

One of the most important aspects of designing your new bathroom will be whether or not you want or need a bathtub or shower. We can help you make a decision that fits your needs and budget.

Tub to shower conversion: if it seems like it’s been years since you’ve actually used your tub, a walk-in shower is probably the best bet for you. This way, you can customize it with built in shelves or a bench to help physically limited folks.

Easy-access tub: if you enjoy your baths but find it difficult to get in and out, you may want to consider an easy-access tub with a self-sealing door. This allows you to enjoy the comfort and relaxing effects of a bath, without straining your muscles or joints.

Tub or shower replacement: if you enjoy your current tub or shower and find yourself using them frequently, it makes sense to replace them. Tiles get grimy, tubs get dull; a new shower or bathtub will greatly improve your quality of life.

Our Prices Are Up-front & Affordable – You’re Never Hit With A List Of Unexpected Expenses

Because we are able to accurately estimate jobs from the start, you will never find yourself paying for hidden fees. We pride ourselves on our honesty and openness and we strive to always to deliver the best quality job without exceeding your budget.

The Finished Product Will Exceed Your Expectations

If you’re excited about your new bathroom now, just wait until you see the finished product! Our attention to detail is evident in all aspects of our projects, and we know that you’ll be impressed with the level of attention and care given.


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