If You’re Unable Or Unwilling To Sell Your House, 

Improve It With A Renovation!

More and more people are turning to renovations for the extra square footage or convenience that they are lacking in their current home. With Calgary’s looming house market, it is likely that you will experience tremendous difficulty getting what your home is worth. Renovations allow you to customize your home to fit your needs for the time being, while simultaneously adding value for when the time comes to sell.


Does Your Home Feel Awkward or Out-dated?

Transform It Into A Functional, Attractive Space That Reflects Your Lifestyle

If you’ve come to realize that your home just doesn’t fit your needs, you’ll likely want to consider a renovation. Older or poorly designed homes have an awkward, cramped feel even if the home has an adequate amount of square feet. By implementing open-concept floor plans with a clear direction of flow and adding modern, trendy touches, the look and feel of your home is drastically enhanced.


With Over 20 Years Of Home Improvement Experience,

We Have A Proven Track Record Of Honesty & Integrity

German Reno prides ourselves on the many loyal customers that we have retained over the years. By consistently offering services that meet and exceed expectations, we are proud to say that most of our business comes from referrals. Our high-quality workmanship and dedication to transparency gives you peace of mind when selecting a contractor to complete your home improvement project.


Our Diverse Range of Skills Allows You To Save Time & Money

By Hiring One Contractor To Complete The Entire Job

German Reno’s contractors have a diverse range of skills, enabling them to complete entire home improvement projects from concept to completion. From electrical to plumbing and from drywall to finishing, we can take care of your entire home renovation, without the hassle of hiring a specialized contractor for each step of the project. We believe in consistently providing the highest quality of renovations Calgary has ever seen.


Licensed Journeyman Carpenter For Peace Of Mind

Throughout All Woodworking Projects

Nearly every home improvement project involves some level of woodwork. And while much of it goes unnoticed behind walls, cupboards, floors, etc., it is quite often the backbone of the entire renovation. Without sturdy woodwork, every other aspect of the project is questionable. When you go with German Reno, you can feel confident knowing that all woodwork is completed by a licensed journeyman carpenter with over 20 years of experience.


All Of Our Work Is Completed Up To Code,

With Permits Proudly Displayed On The Building

We understand the importance of completing projects that meet the city regulations, and that’s why we take the stress off your shoulders to ensure we obtain all necessary permits before we begin work. You’ll never have to worry about being stuck with a job that isn’t up to code; our renovations are meticulously carried out and carefully inspected to meet Calgary city standards.


Open Communication & Detailed Planning For Mutual Understandings
Throughout The Entire Renovation Process

Our first step to any renovation project is to carefully listen to the homeowner’s ideas. We then create a design and, once approved, will begin work. However, communication doesn’t stop there; throughout the process of choosing the materials, we will continue to consult you and help you make decisions based on your budget and make recommendations on areas to save you money.


With Our Policy Of Transparency There Will Never Be Any Hidden Fees

We’ve all heard the horror stories of homeowners who were invoiced way more than they were quoted for. We don’t want you to fall into this category of unsatisfied customers! That’s why German Reno places a high priority on delivering accurate, up-front quotes that won’t keep growing as the work progresses. Our experience allows us to determine precisely how much labour goes into each job, which means you will always get an exact quote that you can count on.


Calgary Renovations For Luxurious Practicality

Looking for the best renovations Calgary can offer? Give us a call!


Licensed journeyman carpenter for any woodworking needs that may come up in a renovation.


More than 20 years industry experience gives your renovation done with best practices and efficiency.


Multi-faceted skill set will make any renovation or odd-job easy.